2014 Magnum Rally

For Vintage and Classic Motorcycles and Motor Cars

2014 Magnum Rally

Postby Jaws » Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:55 am

2014 Magnum Rally for Motorcycles and Motor Cars

Promoted by The Pretoria Old Motor Club http://www.pomc.co.za and The Vintage Motorcycle Club Johannesburg http://www.vintagemotorcycleclub.co.za

14-16 August 2014

The 35th Magnum Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Rally incorporating the 7th Magnum Vintage and Classic Motor Car Rally, is a Reliability and Regularity Trial over a distance of approximately 800 km of which approximately 700 km will be regularity, comprising of four separate Score Groups, being:

Score Group A: For motorcycles manufactured on or before 31st December 1960.

Score Group B: For motorcycles manufactured between 1st January 1961 and 31st December 1988.

Score Group C: For motor cars manufactured before 31st December 1988.

Score Group D: For motor cars and motorcycles manufactured before 31st December 1988. (Touring Class, non-competitive - in this group the requirements for sealing instruments will not apply).

All relevant documentation for downloading is available on the VMC website http://www.vintagemotorcycleclub.co.za
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